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Joanna Sadler.

I am a Prophetic Worshiper, and Anointed Worship Leader.  Click here to watch a Streams International Video now.

The Secret of going higher – In Christ

My spiritual father always taught me that the bible is a closed book. I often wonder that if the word of God is powerful, sharp and full of Life, then I knew there was more to experience. To pursue knowledge. I knew at that point that his vision is to saturate the earth with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea. We know ignorance is the biggest killer today regardless of where we come from, whether we are in the circular world or our spiritual walk with God.

I am now discovering that there is a higher dimension where only God can elevate you, open the eyes of your understanding to know and discover the deep secrets of God.

We need a spiritual father to walk with us, teach you, anoint us and take us higher as he goes higher!!. Amen

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With Prophet Gerald Nyasulu PhD. from Streams International

About Me.

Born in Vanuatu, to two loving Church Pastors, God called me into a family who has been dedicated to the faithful service of God for more than 25 years. Today, Living in Melbourne, Australia, my husband and I travel all over the APAC Region to promote and support the Gospel.

"Know who you are in Christ"

- Pastor Joanna