October 8, 2020

Direct Your Prayer

There is something prophetic about rising up early, a new day, a new beginning, a break of day, knowing that TODAY is your day ordained for you!!

This morning was another morning to wake up early and lift my voice unto the Lord.

Have divine revelation of the name of Jesus and the transformative power taking place in your life. I invite you to become more and more intentional about your approach to starting your day. Love nothing but to minister unto the Lord from sun up to sundown.

Child of God, Arise, set your day in order by revelation. This is your new day. The creation is earnestly waiting for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. Arise!!!

Worship the Lord with thanksgiving and bless his Holy name, praise him for his love and tender mercies, make a joyful noise, make a sweet sound unto the Lord in prayer, with singing, with worship, and glorify his name and adore him. Prioritize your day by giving God the first and the best. Nothing compares to him, who is like this God? No power can compare to his and no love is greater than God’s Love.

As you worship him today, worship him with revelation, honor him causatively with your voice. Direct your prayer in worship unto the Lord.

Begin to see and cause change.

  • Cause your day to align with the will of God.
  • Cause signs and wonders to run after you,
  • Cause enemies to scatter, cause sickness to heal,
  • cause demons to flee, cause the blind to see,
  • cause weak to be strong,
  • cause promotions

Function by the Power of Causation today as you minister unto the Lord in Jesus Name.

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Pastor Joanna

Born in Vanuatu, to two loving Church Pastors, God called me into a family who has been dedicated to the faithful service of God for more than 25 years. Today, I am the Worship Pastor for Prophet Gerald Nyasulu PhD, my Spiritual Father. Living in Melbourne, Australia, my husband and I travel all over the APAC Region to promote and support the Gospel.

Joanna Sadler

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