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Written By Pastor Joanna Sadler

Prophet Gerald Nyasulu PhD.
There is no better way of explaining Hosea 4:6 – “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” than to experience it through the life of our Papa. This scripture is what drives the Prophet Gerald Nyasulu PhD until today.

Prophet Dr Gerald J Nyasulu is the Founder of the Streams International Organization in Australia, based in Townsville QLD. He was born and raised in Malawi and chosen the path to accept his calling to bring the word of God to Australia and begin an exciting and fast-moving career in Australia. Today he is known as an Entrepreneur, Mentor, Teacher of the Word, and a Powerful yet humble Man of God, who has dedicated his life entirely to serving God.

Streams International has brought revival to the continent of Australia from a Pentecostal movement to now a Prophetic Movement. With four Campuses across Australia, we are pleased to announce that our newest Campus is in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea is now established. We also have a global audience that connects with Streams International through Youtube, Facebook and Periscope.

Prophet Nyasulu has spent over ten years as the Senior Pastor of “Streams of Living water, Embassy to the Kingdom of Heaven” at the Townsville Campus. He started with five members praying from James Cook University chaplaincy, and now the Ministry has been birthed as “Streams International” with a goal to share the gospel and word of God prophetically across the APAC region. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Major 1 who is the founder of Enlightened Christian gathering has one of the fastest growing churches in the world. He came to Australia in 2016 and is the spiritual father who is responsible for raising Prophet Gerald Nyasulu as a Prophet.

Prophet Nyasulu responded to the call of God on his life to go full time in Ministry in 2017. “Papa” is what we mostly refer to him as our spiritual father. He has raised powerful sons and daughters under his Leadership from diverse cultures whose lives have been transformed greatly in their Health, Wealth and Life. As in 2 Corinthians 3:18, where the bible says “we are changed from glory to glory”.

Dr Gerald Nyasulu PhD was anointed as Prophet by his spiritual father Shepherd Bushiri, Major1 on the 7th of February 2017 in Pretoria; alongside him was his beautiful wife (mama ), Prophetess Ulemu (Gabriella) Nyasulu, also a mighty woman of God who has been at Prophet Gerald’s side through this journey. Together they are raising up three young men of God.

The inaugural was witnessed by a congregation of over 80,000 members of the Enlightened Chris gathering ( ECG) with a global audience on the leading prophetic Television Channel of over one million. Streams International now is one of the fastest growing church in the APAC region.

Prophet Nyasulu quotes “I don’t raise church members, I raise sons and daughters”. This phrase can only be understood by true sons and daughters who have been with him through his journey from when the church started and transitioned into the prophetic doctrine through powerful teachings. As one of the most excellent teachers of the word of God and an inspiration to many, The members at Streams International go through a discipleship program and diplomatic teachings by prophet Nyasulu and continue to serve and stay connected as part of their growth to maturity in Christ.

As a daughter of Papa, My life has been transformed. I have realised that man’s existence can only be fulfilled by being obedient to the calling of God for each one of us. I’m experiencing great manifestations of the Power of God in business, family life, lifestyle. Life is worth living with God. The teachings, prophecies, training and Leadership under Prophet Nyasulu is life changing. The Knowledge of the word of God has taken me to deeper dimension in my spiritual walk with God. As I reflect on when I started until today, I consider myself exceedingly blessed. I honour the grace and Anointing upon the Life of Prophet Gerald Nyasulu. I have understood the importance of having a spiritual father to unlock your destiny on what God has called you to be. Today I am confident, content and very grateful to God for the life of my dad in the Lord, Prophet Gerald J Nyasulu, The Son of Major1, The Prophet of this continent and APAC region.

Joanna Sadler

About the author 

Pastor Joanna

Born in Vanuatu, to two loving Church Pastors, God called me into a family who has been dedicated to the faithful service of God for more than 25 years. Today, I am the Worship Pastor for Prophet Gerald Nyasulu PhD, my Spiritual Father. Living in Melbourne, Australia, my husband and I travel all over the APAC Region to promote and support the Gospel.

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